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Slavery Studies Group

The Slavery Studies Working Group was founded at Penn State in 2012.  We are an interdisciplinary group focusing on human rights/slavery discourses and seek a synergy of interests between several research groups at Penn State as well as scholars from outside the university. The steering committee of the SSWG are: Tony Kaye (History, PSU), Rosemary Jolly (Comp Lit, English, Bioethics, WMNST and AFR, PSU), John Christman (Philosophy and Political Science, PSU) Gabeba Baderoon (Women's Studies and African Studies, PSU). The SSWG has held monthly reading group discussions since 2012 on a transnational range of themes and from various disciplinary perspectives, and hosted a workshop with Simon Gikandi on in September 2013. We plan a workshop in April 2015 and conference in April 2016 that will address a contemporary cultural moment in which a certain rhetoric of history, legacy and archives about slavery is attaining significant visibility.  Related events include public lectures and a planned journal special issue.

On Hiatus until Spring 2018.