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Postdoctoral Scholars

For artists and humanists, these are extraordinary times: our sense of “the human” is undergoing remarkable transformations, and it has become commonplace to suggest that we have become “posthuman,” though there is no substantial agreement on what this term might mean.

But rather than ask what the “post” in “posthuman” means, perhaps we should ask about the “human.” What was this human, and what did it mean by “humanism”? From the emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens through the invention of agriculture through the development of organized forms of society, the “human” went through a number of remarkable transformations. How can an understanding of the history of the human-- and the history of human arts and artifacts-- affect and inflect our understanding of the present– and the future?

Our postdoctoral scholars contribute richly to the work of the arts and humanities regarding what it means to be human across Penn State and beyond.

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