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Resident Scholars and Artists: Fall 2017 or Spring 2018

The Resident Scholars and Artists program is jointly sponsored  by the Institute, the College of Arts and Architecture, the College of the Liberal Arts, and the commonwealth campuses. This program supports faculty research and creative activity in the arts and humanities leading toward major projects (a significant publication, a prominent exhibition, etc.). Projects with an interdisciplinary focus are especially encouraged.

The Resident Scholars and Artists Program will provide up to nine faculty members with one semester release time from teaching, a $1,000 mini-grant for research expenses and/or materials, and the use of an office in Ihlseng Cottage. Office space may be shared depending on number of applicants.  One of the goals of the residency is to establish an intellectual community at Ihlseng Cottage. To that end, IAH Resident Scholars and Artists are expected to be in residence at University Park for the duration of the funded period and to participate in as many Institute activities and events as possible, including making a public presentation of their work.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, October 10, 2016



Faculty in the arts or humanities with professorial rank (i.e., assistant, associate, full professor) and a continuing appointment at University Park or one of the 19 campuses outside University Park that report to the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses are eligible for this program.  Non-University Park faculty are expected to be in residence at University Park at least three days a week.  Faculty interested in combining this opportunity with another kind of leave in the same academic year should seek approval from their department head or program director. An IAH Residency may immediately precede or follow a semester-long sabbatical during the same academic year. Faculty may not receive an Institute Individual Faculty Grant and a Residency in the same academic year. Faculty who have received IAH Scholars and Artists Residencies in the past are eligible to apply again after two academic years have elapsed (for example, faculty who applied in Fall 2013 for a residency in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 may apply again in Fall 2016 for a residency in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018). Previous Residents must also demonstrate that they have sought external grant support during the last two years. In addition, applications from former Residents must be for a different project and must include evidence of the previous project’s successful completion.  An applicant’s prior history of IAH support for research and/or creative projects may be considered by the Advisory Board in the course of its deliberations.  Applicants from colleges other than Arts and Architecture or Liberal Arts are required to secure a letter of support from their Dean, attesting to that college’s willingness to co-sponsor an IAH Residency. Applicants from commonwealth campuses are required to seek financial commitment from their campus chancellor prior to the application process. Accordingly, non-University Park faculty are strongly encouraged to discuss the financial support expected from a campus with the campus academic officer and chancellor several months before the application deadline.


Resident Scholars and Artists will be asked to give a work-in-progress public presentation during their residency semester. Thirty days after the close of the grant period (consult award letter for exact date), a report must be filed with the Institute on the results of the residency.


The Institute should be notified when a publication, exhibition, or other professional accomplishment results from a project supported by IAH funds. Appropriate acknowledgment of Institute support must be given in all publicity, publications, and other work related to the residency project.


Applications that do not follow these guidelines will be summarily rejected. Please use the submission form below to submit your materials. All applications must include the following:

1) Cover page with applicant’s name, professorial rank and academic title, contact information (including campus address and e-mail), project title, and residency semester preference (Fall 2017 or Spring 2018).

2) Description of project, including scholarly/artistic significance, outcome (publication, exhibition, etc.) and timetable for project’s completion (not to exceed five pages, double-spaced, 12-point font). Applicants may state a preference for a fall or spring semester residency (in the case of a strong preference, please provide an explanation). Applicants who plan to be on a semester-long sabbatical during the same academic year as the proposed residency must also indicate this plan.

3) Curriculum vitae (not to exceed four pages). Please include internal and external grants received in the past five years as well as any non-administrative release time from teaching in the two academic years before the IAH residency (2014-15 and 2015-16).

4) Confidential letter(s) of evaluation from the applicant’s department head or program director, as well as other heads/directors for faculty with joint appointments, attesting to the quality of the application and the feasibility of the release time.

5) For commonwealth campus faculty only: a letter from the campus chancellor. The letter must include a budget indicating the amount of the financial support to be provided if the faculty member is selected as an IAH Resident Scholar or Artist. The budget should cover the following items:

a) a commitment to pay for a third course release so that the faculty member does not teach during the semester in residence (the Institute for the Arts and Humanities provides $4000 to cover two course buy-outs);

b) funds to cover travel to and from University Park;

c) a commitment to cover living expenses while the faculty member is in residence at University Park for at least three days each week when a daily commute is not a realistic expectation.

Faculty members at commonwealth campuses are strongly encouraged to discuss the financial support expected from a campus with the campus academic officer and chancellor several months before the application deadline.


Proposals will be evaluated and recommendations made to the Director by the Institute’s Advisory Board. Awards for the academic year 2016-17 will be announced by mid-November, 2016.

All materials must be submitted to IAH by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 10, 2015 using the submission form below. Applicants should upload items 1-3 as a single PDF document. Items 4 and 5 above are to be uploaded separately by the indicated parties. Applicants are responsible for directing the appropriate individuals to the submission form. All applicants will receive an email receipt; please follow up if you do not hear back within one week.

For more information, contact:

Lori Sabatose, Administrative Assistant 

Tel: (814) 865-0495, Fax: (814) 863-8349, E-mail:

103 Ihlseng Cottage

University Park, PA 16802 

Revised May 2016