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Ann Killebrew (RSA)

When Dec 06, 2016
from 11:45 AM to 01:00 PM
Where 121 Borland Building
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The End of the Bronze Age in the Levant: Crisis, Collapse and Transformation

Memorialized in later literature as a golden era, the Late Bronze Age (1550–1200/1150 BCE) witnesses the rise of the Hittite and New Kingdom Egyptian empires and development of an interconnected global economy. The eventual demise of the Bronze Age at the end of the 13th century is marked by decline, crisis and collapse, representing a major turning point in history. It leaves an indelible footprint in the archaeological record as well as unforgettable descriptions in later literature of wandering warriors in the Odyssey and biblical traditions of runaway Semitic slaves from New Kingdom Egypt. My project, The End of the Bronze Age in the Levant: Crisis, Collapse and Transformation, investigates the factors leading to the collapse of this Age of Internationalism and its subsequent consequences in the region. The rich textual and archaeological record, extensive evidence enabling the reconstruction of economic and exchange systems, and newly published archaeometric studies of the Late Bronze Age environment and climate will be examined by means of cross-cultural comparative studies (including contemporary research of modern societies), and theoretical models of societal collapse and renewal.