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Past Individual Faculty Grants Recipients

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January–June 2017 Individual Faculty Grants

Julie Gallagher 
History, Affiliated Faculty, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies - Brandywine
“Frontline Battles for Justice in an Age of Universal Human Rights: A Comparative Gender History,”

Boaz Dvir 
College of Communications
“Discovering Gloria”

Lonnie Graham 
School of Visual Arts - College of Arts and Architecture
“Documenting a Resonant Future”

Karen Keifer-Boyd
School of Visual Arts - College of Arts and Architecture
"Cyber-House: Place-Based Art Education" 

Matthew Marr
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Cine inmobilario: Homeplaces in Spanish Film of the Crisis Years”

Steven Rubin 
School of Visual Arts - College of Arts and Architecture
“Shale Play”


July–December 2016 Individual Faculty Grants


Rudy Shepherd
School of Visual Arts - College of Arts and Architecture
"The Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber: Public Sculpture for Display on the University Part Campus of Penn State University"

Patricia Wesley
English - Altoona 
“Final Research Investigation/Presentation in Preparation for the Publication of “Living Miracles: Memoirs of Life in the Liberian Civil War”

Kimberly Blockett
English - Brandywine
"Race, Religion, and Rebellion: Recovering the Antebellum Writing and Itinerant Ministry of Zilpha Elaw"

Kenneth Sherrill
English and Integrative Arts - Brandywine
"Autobiography of the Minotaura narrative told through words, images, and son"

Robert Caserio
English, Comparative Literature, and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies - College of Liberal Arts
"Research support for edition of Wyndham Lewis's The Lion and the Fox, volume 21 of the forthcoming Oxford University Press Complete Works of Wyndham Lewis"

Troy Thomas
Humanities and Art History - Harrisburg
"Funding for acquisition of digital images and reproduction rights to illustrate book, Caravaggio and the Creation of Modernity"

January-June 2016 Individual Faculty Grants

Jennifer Trost
School of Music
"Beethoven's Slippers: A Monodrama"

Richard Sherman
College of Communications

Erin Murphy
Division of Arts and Humanities - Altoona
"In Human Resources"

Aaron Knochel
School of Visual Arts
"DigiFab Kits: Mobile Makerspace Prototyping & Curriculum Development"

Denise Costanzo
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
"Modern Architects and the Postwar Rome Prize"

July-December 2015 Individual Faculty Grants

Elisha Clark Halpin
"Tochar, The Pilgrimage Project: Ireland"

C. Pierce Salguero
Arts & Humanities (Abington)
"Beyond Mindfulness: Buddhism & Healing in the US"

Richard St. Clair
"2 Week Bespoke Millinery Course"

Maria Truglio
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
"Maturing into Modernity: Italian Children's Literature between Unification and Facism"

Anne Elrod Whitney
Curriculum and Instruction
"Writing and Homeletics: Literate Practices in Composing Sermons"

January-June 2015 Individual Faculty Grants

Brian Alfred
School of Visual Arts
“It Takes a Million Years”

Friederike Baer
History - Abington
“The German Auxiliary Troops in the War of American Independence”

Pearl Gluck
"The Turn Out”

James Lyon
School of Music
“Going for Baroque: A Study in Historical Performance Practice as Related to the Violin”

Raymond Sage
School of Theatre
"Seeking Flight: Eugene O’Neill at 50”

Max Zorin
School of Music
“Music Video Production of The Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill Arranged for Violin, Piano and Bass”

July-December 2014 Individual Faculty Grants

Vincent Benitez
"Examining the Birdsong Notebooks of Olivier Messiaen"

Kim Cook
"Recording of the Cello Concerto by Robert Schumann with the Bulgarian Philharmonic Orchestra in Sofia"

Lori Hepner
Integrative Arts/PS Greater Allegheny
"Crowdsourced Landscapes:  Using Social Media Art to Highlight Climate Change in the Arctic Landscape"

Kathleen Kennedy
English/PS Brandywine
"Mimicking Renaissance Art in Fifteenth-Century England"

Cristin Millett
Visual Arts
"The 21st Century Foundry:"  Merging Digital Technologies with Traditional Processes"

Philip Mosley
English and Comp Lit/PS Worthington Scranton
"The Measure of Our Exile:  Writings on Place"

Michelle Rodino-Colocino
Film/Video and Media Studies/College of Communications
"Making Media Work:  A Cultural History of New Media and Management"


January-June 2014 Individual Faculty Grants

Andrew Belser

Bonnie Collura
Visual Arts 
"Imperceptible Rupture"

Michele Dunleavy
"Tapping Scandinavia and Beyond"

Shannon Goff
Visual Arts 
"Miles to Empty"

Lonnie Graham
Visual Arts 
"A Conversation with the World: Meri-Toppila"

Andrew Hieronymi
Visual Arts 
"Parking: A Driving Installation Proposal"

Naomi Seidman
"The Pennsylvania Quintet Thirtieth Anniversary Commission Project"

July-December 2013 Individual Faculty Grants

John Champagne 
English, Penn State Erie/Behrend 

"Caravaggio and Male Melodrama"

Christopher Guzman
"A Potpourri of Contemporary German Piano Music: Working with Renowned German Composers to Produce a Definitive Compact Disc Recording"

Ben Hudson 
"Birth of a Monster: Macbeth before Shakespeare"

Lisa Iulo
"Contextualizing Home Energy Affordability"

Karen Keifer-Boyd
Visual Arts
"Bridging Feminist Archives: Judy Chicago’s Teaching and Collaborative Artworks"

Glenn Kumhera 
History, Penn State Erie/Behrend 
"The Benefits of Peace: Negotiating Criminal Justice in Medieval Siena"

Mathew Marr
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
"Framing Disability and Illness in the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar"

Justin Nordstrom 
History, Penn State Hazleton 
"Archival Research on World War I Food Conservation"

Shuang Shen
Comparative Literature
"In the Shadow of History: Cold War Internationalism in Hong Kong and Beyond"


January-June 2013 Individual Faculty Grants

Brian Curran
Art History 
"The Social Life of Statues: Case Studies from Antiquity to the Present Day" and "Past, Present, and Place in Italian Renaissance Art"

Solsiree del Moral
"Migration, Diaspora, and Nation"

Jane Sutton
Communication Arts and Sciences, Penn State York
"The Road to the Long House: Matilda Joslyn Gage and the Quest for Social Justice"

Julia Kasdorf
"After Identity Symposium"


July-December 2012 Individual Faculty Grants

Mark Ballora, Ph.D.
School of Music/School of Theatre 
"Creating sonifications for planetarium show "Dark Secrets of the Big Bang""

Amy Carney, Ph.D.
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
"Victory in the Crape: Fatherhood and the Family Community in the Nazi SS"

Gloria B. Clark, Ph.D.
School of Humanities
"Juan Ruiz de Alarcon: Limitation and Delimitation in Golden Age Spain"

Christine Gorby
Department of Architecture
"Forms of Spirituality: Modern Architecture and Landscape in New Harmony, Indiana"

Wanda B. Knight, Ph.D.
School of Visual Arts
"Culturally Responsive Teaching in Art Education"

Shirley Moody-Turner, Ph.D.
Department of English
"Conjuring the Color Line: Folklore, Fiction, and Race in the Jim Crow Era"

Edwin Murillo, Ph.D.
Division of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (Penn State University-Berks)
"Uncanny Periphery: Latin American Existentialism(s)"

Mary Saunders-Barton
School of Music
"Bel Canto/Can Belto: What About the Boys"


January-June 2012 Individual Faculty Grants

Micaela Amato
School of Visual Arts 
"Qasida/Casida (cinco siglos de racismo)"

Velvet Brown
School of Music
"MOJATUBA: Tuba and Dance Fusion"

B. Stephen Carpenter, II
School of Visual Arts
"Public Performance as Public Pedagogy: Collaborative Creative Resistance and the Global Water Crisis"

Christopher Johnstone 
Communication Arts and Sciences 
"Sites of Rhetorical Action in Ancient Greece"

Robert Nairn
School of Music
"Bright Sounds for Dark Strings: New American Duets for Viola and Double Bass"

Liz Quackenbush 
School of Visual Arts 
"Morocco: Symbolic Origin and Meaning"

Raymond Sage 
School of Music 
"Performance in The "Sea Plays" By Eugene O'Neill"

Dennis Schmidt 
Department of Philosophy 
"Idiome der Wahrheit: Heidegger und die Hermeneutik"

Steven Smith
School of Music
"Piano Masterworks of Beethoven: A Recital Series"


July-December 2011 Individual Faculty Grants

John Bowman
School of Visual Arts 
"First Street Green (in conjunction with the Guggenheim Foundation and the NYC Parks Department)"

Alyssa Garcia
Women’s Studies
"From Republic to Revolution: Intersectionality and the Body Politic in Cuba, 1902-1959"

Toni Jensen
"Person, Place, Thing: Essays from Midpe Ground"

Kathleen Kennedy
English, Penn State Brandywine
"The Courtly and Commercial Art of the Wycliffite Bible"

Tom Noyes
Humanities and Social Sciences, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
"Come By Here: A Novella and Stories"

Mya Poe
"The Consequences of Assessment: A Year of Race and College Writing Development"

Jennifer Trost
School of Music
"Preparations for performance of Judith Cloud’s" Four Songs of the Heart "at the International Alliance for Women in Music Congress"

Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor
Women’s Studies
"Labors of Love: The Economy of Work in the Writing of Susan Sontag"

January-June 2011 Individual Faculty Grants

Kim Cook
School of Music
"Recording the Concertos for Cello and Orchestra by Elgar and Saint-Saëns with the Ukrainian State Academic Symphony Orchestra in Kiev"

Christopher Johnstone
Communication Arts and Sciences
"Sites of Rhetorical Action in Ancient Greece"

Neil Korostoff
Landscape Architecture
"Gardens of the Dead—Cemeteries as Public Parks: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey and Nineteenth Century Historic U.S. Cemetery Gardens"

Laura Rotunno
Penn State, AltoonaEnglish
"Beyond the Exam: British Civil Service Culture, 1853-1926"

Steven Rubin
School of Visual Arts
"Wind and Power: The View from Kansas"

Rudy Shepherd
School of Visual Arts
"The Healer Project: Power, Belief, and a Question of Humanity"

July-December 2010

Micaela Amato
School of Visual Arts 
"Exiles and Nomads"

Paul Barsom
School of Music
"Production of an Audio Song Cycle, "Boy Interrupted""

Elena Dodge Corbett
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
"A Canvas for the Nationalist Mind's Eye: Antiquity, Landscape and Hashemite Narratives of Jordan"

Maureen Fielding
Penn State Brandywine
"City of Spies"

Alex Huang
Department of Comparative Literature
"A History of Chinese Humor"

Benjamin Hudson
Department of History
"The Picts: Ethnic Creation on the Margins of Europe"

Sophia McClennen
Department of Comparative Literature
"Globalization and Latin American Cinema"

Carla Mulford
Department of English
"Benjamin Franklin and the Ends of Empire"

Jack Selzer
Department of English
"Kenneth Burke and the University: Dramatism and Logology after 1940"

Richard Sherman
Department of Film, Video & Media Studies

Adam Sorkin
Penn State Brandywine
"The Book of Winter"

Jean-Claude Vuillemin
Department of English
"Baroque episteme: A Pertinent Concept"

January-June 2010

Phyllis Cole (English, American Studies, Women's Studies) ~ for the project "Legacies of Margaret Fuller's Romantic Feminism" 

Madhuri Desai (Art History) ~ for the project "Resurrecting Banaras: Architecture, Urban Space and Religious Meditation"

Eric McKee (Music Theory) ~ for the project "Dance-Music Relations: The Minuet and the Waltz"

Sally McMurry (History) ~ for the project "Architecture and Landscape of the Pennsylvania Germans"

Alfred Mueller (Communications Arts and Sciences) ~ for the project "Theorizing the Grotesque: Seeing 'Pro-Ana' Websites through Kenneth Burke's Dramatistic Frames" 

Rob Nairn (Music) ~ for the project "Dragonetti and Linpey: A Musical Salon, London, circa 1824 - A Compact Disc Recording"

Chris Reed (English) ~ for the project "Art and Homosexuality: A History of Ideas"

Robin Thomas (Art History) ~ for the project "Forced Labor and Slavery in the Construction of the Royal Palace at Caserta"

July-December 2009

Michael Anesko (English) ~ for the project "The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James, volume 5; The Portrait of a Lady"

Lisa Bontrager (Music) ~ for the project "Mirror Image: Creation and Performances of New Music for Two Horns and Piano"

Charlotte Eubanks (Comparative Literature) ~ for the project "Archival Memory: Art, Politics, and Visual Culture in Trans-War Japan"

Lonnie Graham (Visual Arts) ~ for the project "Change in the Making"

Valeria Harvell (African-African American History/PS Abington) ~ for the project "Illuminating the Life of Black Entrepreneur Joseph Cassey (1789-1848): An Historical Case Study"

Philip Mosley (English and Comparative Literature/PS Worthington Scranton) ~ for the project "The Cinema of Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne: Realism and Responsibility"

Norman Spivey (Music) ~ for the project "A Performance Tour of Ecoute: Pieces of Reynaldo Hahn"

Xiaoye You (English) ~ for the project "Rhetorical Education for Women in Early Imperial China"

January-June 2009

Irina Aristarkhova (Visual Arts, Women's Studies) ~ a book project entitled "The Matter of the Matrix"

Jin Baek (Architecture) ~ a book project entitled "Ma, or In-between: From Aesthetics to Ethics"

Timothy Deighton (Music) ~ a recording project entitled "Dialogues" (music for the viola and saxophone)

Jonathan Eburne (Comparative Literature) ~ a book project entitled "Hard-Boiled Ethics"

Enrico Elisi (Music) ~ a music residency at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts and a recording project

Emily Harrington (English) ~ a book project entitled "Second Person Singular: Lyric Intimacy in British Women Poets 1860-1900"

Cristin Millett (Visual Arts) ~ an installation project entitled "The Anatomical Fragment"

Sandra Petrulionis (English, American Studies/Penn State Altoona) ~ two book projects entitled "The Oxford Handbook of Transcendentalism" and "Thoreau in His Own Time"

Christine Marmé Thompson (Art Education) ~ a research project entitled "What Children Have to Say: Words and Images Working Together"

Robin Veder (Art History/Penn State Harrisburg) ~ a book project entitled "Sculpture in the Flesh: The Art Historical Models for American Physical Culture and Dance, 1880-1940"

July-December 2008

Jennifer Boittin (French) ~ a book project entitled "The Colonial Women of Interwar France"


Bonnie Collura (Visual Arts) ~ a mixed media sculptural series of installations entitled "The Prince Project: Wicked"

Larry Gorenflo (Landscape Architecture) ~ a research project entitled "Identifying Persisting Ancient Human Landscapes in the Basin of Mexico: Priorities for Research and Conservation"

Matthew Kenyon (Visual Arts) ~ a physical computing project entitled "The Biological Can Power the Digital: Physical Bodies and Online Consumer Culture"

Hannah Kliger (Communications and Jewish Studies/Penn State Abington) ~ a book project entitled "History beyond Trauma: The Recovery of Meaning in Holocaust Narratives"

Martina Kolb (German) ~ a book project entitled "Expressionist Realms of Transference: Gottfried Benn's Inner Emigration"

Janet Lyon (English, Women's Studies, STS) ~ a book project entitled "The Perfect Hostess: Salons and Modernist Sociability"

January-June 2008

Michael Christofferson (History/Behrend College) ~ a book project entitled "François Furet (1927-1997): A Revolutionary Historian"

Sharon Dale (Art History/Behrend College) ~ a book project entitled "The Incorrigible Pope? Baldassare Cossa, the Resolution of the Great Schism and the Fabrication of Villany"

Lyn Elliot (Film, Video, and Media Studies/College of Communications) ~ a film project entitled "Starting Now"

Del Harrow (Visual Arts) ~ a mixed media sculptural installation entitled "The Baroque Beaver Dam"

Mark Morrisson (English) ~ a book project entitled "Ithell Colquhoun Papers at the Tate: British Surrealism and Occult Science"

Robert Nairn (Music) ~ a recording project entitled "A Recording of Works by Australian Composers for the Double Bass"

July-December 2007

Lisa Bontrager (Music) ~ a CD project for two French horns and a piano

Peter Campbell (Theatre/Berks) ~ a performance project titled iph.then

Jennifer Mittelstah2 (History) ~ a book project on the American military welfare state, 1968-2005

Adam Rome (History) ~ a book project on Earth Day 1970

Aaron Rubin (Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies) ~ a book project on the linguistic description of the Mehri language

James Thurman (Visual Arts) ~ a new body of art work for a cross-cultural exchange exhibition that will feature creative works from the fields of fine art jewelry and metalsmithing by American and Japanese artists

Monique Yaari (French) ~ a book project on the Surrealist group of Bucharest, Romania, 1940-1947

Paul Youngquist (English) ~ a book project on Black Romanticism

January-June 2007

Michael Kiernan (English) ~ an edition of Francis Bacon’s Historie of the Raigne of King Henry the Seventh and other works of the 1620s

Neil Korostoff (Landscape Architecture) ~ a project on sustainable heritage tourism and the cultural landscape of Westray and Sanday, Orkney, U.K.

Chika Okeke-Agulu (Art History) ~ an exhibition titled “PostAfricanism” for the African Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2007

Sherry Roush (Italian) ~ a book project on the motivations for ghost storytelling in the Italian Renaissance

Mary Saunders (Music) ~ a project to develop a set of pedagogical aids for use by teachers of singing and by serious students of musical theatre singing

Mrinalini Sinha (History) ~ a book project on Imperial Citizenship

Aaronette White (Women’s Studies and African and African American Studies) ~ a project on the history of the Southern Africa Women’s Ex-Freedom Fighters Networking Committee (1997-2002)

July-December 2006

William Cobb (English) ~ a novel-in-progress, “The Birdist”

Ken Graves (Visual Arts) ~ a photographic project titled “The Body in Water”

Vera Mark (French) ~ a book project titled “Memories of Rural French World War II Collaborationism”

Jean Sanders (Visual Arts) ~ a new body of artwork titled “Moments in a Tonglin Prayer”

Rachel Teukolsky (English) ~ a book project titled “Mapping Late-Victorian Counterculture: Sexual Dissidence and the Geographic Imaginary”

January-June 2006

Vincent Benitez (Music Theory) ~ a book project on Messiaen’s opera Saint François d’Assise

Kim Cook (Music) ~ a project to record cello concertos by Russian composers with the Volgograd Symphony

David Gissen (Architecture) ~ a project titled “Atmospheres of Late-Modernity: Restructuring Air in the Restructuring City”

Julia Kasdorf (English/Women’s Studies) ~ an anthology: Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn

Cristin Millett (Visual Arts) ~ a project to create “Teatro Virtuale,” a virtual anatomy theater

Simone Osthoff (Visual Arts) ~ a project entitled “Suplemento Dominical do Jornal do Brazil, 1956-1960: Art, Design, and Critical Theory in the Era of Bossa Nova”

July-December 2005

John Bowman (Visual Arts) ~ a study of the changing face of the trans-national art community in Prague as it emerges in a changing Czech society; an exhibition to be shown at the Zamecky Palace in Prague

Jonathan Burgoyne (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) ~ a project on the manuscript transmission and reception of Flores de filosofia

Patrick Cheney (English) ~ a comprehensive edition of the entire body of Spenser’s work according to modern scholarly standards

Greg Eghigian (History) ~ a comparative study of how liberal, fascist, and socialist states interacted with emerging psychological sciences to define and manage the individual

Paul Lavy (Art History) ~ a study of the early art and political history of mainland Southeast Asia

Marcy North (English) ~ an analysis of the relationship between manuscript production resources such as scribal labor and the literary choices of poetry collectors

January-June 2005

Paul Chidester (Visual Arts) ~ to create ten new landscape paintings for a solo exhibition in London

Brian Curran (Art History) ~ concentrated research and writing for a book project titled “Past, Present, and Place in Italian Renaissance Art” during a three-month residency at the American Academy in Rome

Tonia Woods Horton (Landscape Architecture) ~ to conduct fieldwork and site-based research at the National Park Service Intermountain Support Office in Santa Fe and at two proposed case study sites: Washita Battlefield and Sand Creek Massacre

Alexander Huang (Comparative Literature) ~ to collect materials on the conception and reception of Taiwanese and Chinese transcultural performances of Shakespeare from 1900 to 2005

Dennis Schmih2 (Philosophy) ~ research at the Schiller Archives in Marbach, Germany for a memoir of German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer

Stephanie Springgay (Art Education) ~ research on women’s intersubjective understandings of embodied space through community engaged art

Maurice Stroemel (Theatre) ~ site visits for a research project on theatre in colonial America

July-December 2004

Dan Berman (Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies) ~ an interpretation on the way the play Seven against Thebes by Aeschylus represents Athenian and Greek culture

Caru Bowns (Landscape Architecture) ~ a systematic collection of source materials and the development of a Geographic Information System database able to reveal and explain spatial issues of land use in Cherokee Georgia

Charlotte Holmes (English) ~ a creative prose book on the paintings and life of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck

Anthony Kaye (History) ~ an integration of the theory and findings of human geography with a rigorous history of the ideology of slaves

Sophia McClennen (Comparative Literature/Spanish/Women’s Studies) ~ the first full-length study in English of Ariel Dorfman, a novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, journalist, and human rights activist

Bénédicte Monicat (French) ~ the creation of an electronic database of 19th-century French texts written by women for girls

Richard Nichols (Theatre) ~ co-translation of four plays by a leading contemporary South Korean playwright and director

Catherine Rios (Humanities and Communications/Penn State Harrisburg) ~ a 35mm narrative short “coming of age” film project

Greg Smits (History) ~ an examination of the rhetoric of national and group identities within the Ryukyu Islands from the time of their annexation through the early years of the second Sino-Japanese war

Chris Staley (Visual Arts) ~ creation of a new body of ceramic art works for installation in a one-person exhibit at the List Gallery

Maria Truglio (Italian) ~ an examination of Italian children’s literature from the late nineteenth century through the end of World War II

January-June 2004

Micaela Amato (Visual Arts) ~ to produce a new body of creative works titled “Ants and Luminous Insects”

Lyn Elliot (Media Studies/College of Communications) ~ to produce a short narrative film, “Lost and Found,” from her own original screenplay

Cecil Giscombe (English) ~ a literary project that investigates geographical space and its relation to surface transport, particularly rail service

Lonnie Graham (Visual Arts) ~ to arrange a body of work titled “A Conversation with the World” for exhibition and to produce an accompanying catalogue of photographs

Arnold Markley (English/Penn State Delaware County) ~ publication of a completed book titled Stateliest Measures: Tennyson and the Literature of Greece and Rome

Steven Smith (Music) ~ to present three piano recitals in Australia and New Zealand

Adam Sorkin (English/Penn State Delaware County) ~ translation into English of Luminita Mihia Ciobab’s The Lost Country, tales of the Romania Roma