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Past Collaborative Teaching Recipients

Fall 2013

"Forging Alliances"

Jonathan Abel (Comparative Literature and Japanese) and Christopher Reed (English) present a course regarding how art was used to repair the relationship between Japan and the United States in the years following World War II, resulting in an exhibition at the Palmer Museum of Art in Spring 2014.

Fall 2012

"The End of the World"

Matthew Restall (History) and Amara Solari (Art History and Anthropology) presented a course regarding the 2012 end-of-world phenomenon, as well as the study of it, "2012ology". The course explored the European roots of this imaginary doomsday, analyzed the role supposedly played by the ancient Maya, and revealed its modern manifestations in 2012ology through the lenses of history, art history, and anthropology.

Spring 2012

"The New Environmental Non-Fiction"

Adam Rome (History) and Robert Burkholder (English) presented a course exploring the changes in environmental non-fiction writing since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring appeared 50 years ago.

Spring 2011

"The Violence of Language"

Jeremy Engels (Communication Arts and Sciences) and Sophia McClennen (Comparative Literature), faculty coordinators

"The Secret Life of Public Spaces"

Amy Vashaw (Center for the Performing Arts), faculty coordinator

Spring 2010


Matthew Restall, Sparks Professor of History, and Garrett Fagan, Associate Professor of CAMS and History, faculty coordinators

"Hip Hop Music and Culture"

Ronnie Burrage, Instructor, AAAS and Integrative Arts, William Kelly, Head, Integrative Arts, and Darryl Thomas, Associate Professor of AAAS, faculty coordinators

"X-Disciplinary Creativity"

David Celento, Associate Professor of Architecture, and Matt Parkinson, Assistant Professor of Engineering Design and Mechanical Engineering, faculty coordinators